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We can help keep your home office, sitting room or bedroom the perfect temperature for you. Based in Kent, we offer a premium service at a great price.

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If you are interested in having a domestic air conditioning unit fitted in your home, please get in touch for a free site survey and guidance on what would work best in your house.

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We are certain that you will not find a better and cheaper air conditioner for your home anywhere in Kent but if you do, we would be happy to match that quote.

Domestic Air Conditioning Specialists in Kent

We provide a full range of air conditioning unit fitting for your home in Kent. Our services range from simple to complex installations, maintenance and repairs of all types of house air conditioning systems.

With the UK benefitting from a more tropical climate in recent years the popularity of domestic air conditioning across Kent has exceeded all industry expectations. With the demand picking up quicker than the supply in the UK we anticipate the cost rising considerably over the next 5 years making now the perfect time to consider an installation of your own.

Sleepless nights?
In the southeast we benefit from some of the hottest weather in the UK as it’s driven by bursts of winds carrying warm air from north Africa however this comes at cost to those living in Kent and the southeast.

The climate is generally fairly humid in the UK but combined with warm weather can result in a fair few sleepless nights.

A climate controlled air conditioning unit with a built in dehumidifier is designed to control the temperature of a room whilst removing the moisture in the air which can dramatically improve sleep quality through the warmer months.
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Let the numbers speak

The UK’s heatwaves are getting hotter and lasting longer each year. Our weather is now being described as tropical due to it staying above 20 degrees Celsius even throughout the evenings.
Air conditioning units have been common place in offices in the UK for years but more and more, people are recognising the benefits of having a unit in their home to allow them to keep cool throughout the hot summer days and warm nights.


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